Solar-powered PC

The world’s first solar-powered desktop PC is available in India

If there is a first and only one solar-powered desktop PC in the world today, do you want to own it? If so, then you can contact Simmtronics Semiconductor, Ltd. to  reduce your carbon footprint while you’re using a desktop PC.

That India’s computer maker is willing to take the initiative arguably different from other firms in producing green desktop PC, while others are still producing conventional PC.

For Simmtronics, India is indeed a potential market for this kind of green desktop PC. In addition to a large population and abundant sunlight, rapid economic growth is also a good reason to market it in India. Frequently electricity cut-off is still a problem.

According to the company., this solar-powered desktop PC that can run for 3 to 4 days without sunshine is sold in India for U.S. $ 680. There is no information from Simmtronics about its plan to market the PCs abroad as well.

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