Vax EV the cardboard vacuum cleaner

Vax EV is dubbed as the world’s first cardboard vacuum cleaner

Who says that cardboards are waste and can not be reused? Nowadays, this assumption is no longer relevant, since waste now can be transformed into a functional and practical gadgets. One of them is Vax EV which is made by a Loughborough University student whose name is Jake Tyler. Vax EV is a vacuum cleaner that is built from old cardboard shipping boxes.

Not only the case but also the internal machinery parts are made up of recyclable materials like pure nylon plastic that uses RP (rapid process) manufacturing instead of injection moulding. The young British designer, Jake Tyler, claims that his creation is no less than a traditional vacuum cleaner and costs much less as is made out of recycled materials which can be further recycled. And since the whole thing is made out of cardboard it can be decorated as pleased with felt tip pens.

The cardboard vacuum can be assembled easily by using the cardboard it is packed in without any requirement of the glue. In case any part of Vax is damaged, it can be replaced easily, without any hassle as it is made of cardboard. The Vax is definitely cheaper than the conventional vacuum cleaners which are made up of plastic or any metals. Recycling is important due to various environmental factors as it saves as energy, helps in reduction of pollution, saves natural resources and of course lessens litter consuming less landfill space.

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