New Wireless iPhone Battery Backup From Prong

Providing energy supply for a smartphone can be done in various ways. Among of them is to create a bigger battery capacity or to make higher efficiency smartphones. Unfortunately those ways are manufacture’s domain, meaning they can be done using research and advanced technology.

But there is simple way that can be done. The simple way is to create a case that serves as a backup battery.

Prong designed the case for iPhone, just like Mophie Juice or Power Bear. On its website, Prong show that the case is designed to be no need for a USB cable to recharge its case. The function of the USB cable is replaced with prongs that can be folded into the casing.

Additionally, the 2.300 mAh case can be removed when the user choose to keep his iPhone remains slim.

Prong is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo. The team is targeting US $ 50,000 to start mass producing of the casing.

Mophie Juice For Your iPhone 5

Ultra-thin, 1500mAh protective battery case made for iPhone 5. Feel the difference in the palm of your hand; 13% thinner than any of our previous iPhone juice packs. It’s so thin, you won’t believe there’s a battery inside.

Engineered with edge-to-edge protection and outfitted with 80% more battery life to keep your iPhone 5 safe and charged, the juice pack helium™ allows you to truly Do more™. Its elegant, thin design makes it the perfect accessory, easily fitting into any pocket or handbag. The enhanced forward-ported acoustics redirects the iPhone audio towards you, optimizing playback and maximizing your experience.

Actually, six years of R&D, nine generations of battery cases for iOS devices and thousands of engineering hours have resulted in the highest battery density, most efficient power management and best looking product we’ve ever developed.

Simultaneously charge your iPhone and juice pack together with the included micro-USB cable. Use the LED indicator to check battery levels before you head out and flip the standby switch when you’re ready to use the juice pack’s battery or when you need to recharge your iPhone while on-the-go.

New Hope On Green Refrigerator With Solid State Technology

Did you know that the conventional refrigerator like Samsung RF28HFEDBSR Energy Star 28 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Cool Select Pantry and Freezer Drawer, Stainless Steel
is relatively wasteful of energy and less environmentally friendly? Eventhough it applied Energy Star on it. The reason is the use of relatively large conventional compressor.

The compressor is a mechanical device that flow of refrigerant into the heat exchanger and then back to the compressor. This process requires energy and is certainly inefficient and generate noise.

Phononic now offers a new refrigerator that utilizes green technology similar to that used on computer systems and servers. The company uses a solid state as the primary device to perform cooling.

Armed with experience over the years in the field of cooling systems and computer servers, phononic try to apply solid state technology in refrigeration products, including refrigerators for medical and household.

Let’s wait whether the technology can be mass produced and marketed at an affordable price, since refrigerators and air conditioners which both have the same working principle, are the largest electricity consuming appliances in the household. Hopefully, the presence of Phononic cooling technology can reduce electricity bills.

Kraftwerk : Charger Powered By Fuel Cell

There are various brands of batteries that are useful for charging mobile devices off-the-grid, two of which are iCruiser and ALLPOWER. But both still have drawbacks. You must not far away from power for a certain period of time, if using iCruiser or devices by similar functions. If using ALLPOWER, you will worry about whether or not enough sunlight to ALLPOWER or devices by similar functions.

Another option might be a viable alternative in the future is created by Kraftwerk which brings the power of a fuel cell prototype packs for USB-powered devices.

Kraftwerk is taken from the German for “power plant”. The device works on the gas canisters and promised to charge your iPhone up to 11 times before needing a refill.

Here’s how these devices work, gas canisters, like we usually use to refill butane lighter or used in camping stoves, used to fill the internal tank. After the tank is full, thanks to the fuel cell system in it, it can be directly used to recharge mobile gadgets. Kraftwerk will notify its users if the gas in the tank is decreased by the LED system. Although promoted as a new technology in Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, Kraftwerk working principle is similar to the technology offered Lilliputian Systems Inc.

Replace Old Keyboard and Mouse with Bamboo Keyboard and Bamboo Mouse

Did you know that someone who always works in front of a computer can be more environmentally friendly ?

Ones can achieve that by choosing energy-efficient personal computers. But there’s another way to be more earth friendly by choosing sustainable computer accessories. As you know that PC’s production process is emitting carbon and use a lot of material that is not easily recycled.

We can start by selecting the keyboard and mouse are made ??of natural materials, such as bamboo.

Bamboo is known as a material that is resistant to temperature and environmental changes. By adding a treatment, its resistance to moisture and water increase. This condition equalized bamboo with plastic material commonly used keyboard and mouse .

There are many bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse you can choose to. One of them was made by Impecca. Impecca has made their bamboo keyboard with mouse hand-crafted. Impecca provide a USB Dongle to connect the keyboard and mouse wirelessly to a PC . Both are also compatible on all platforms . Its height also can be adjusted for comfort ergonomic reasons .

You can get bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse in our store.  See detail in Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse categories.